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Autor Tema: You can watch the visa esports betting

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You can watch the visa esports betting
OP: Noviembre 05, 2021, 08:46:25 am
You can watch the visa esports betting
Ways to earn money in games
Game stream. A streamer is a presenter of live broadcasts on the Internet. Streamers go live through special services — large and small.
The main sites now are Twitch and YouTube, but there are many other less popular ones, for example Mixer, GoodGame. Ordinary streamers are not paid a salary — their income consists of donations from viewers and advertising contracts. Multimillion-dollar contracts for exclusive broadcasts are signed with the coolest and most popular streamers, but there are only a few of them.
You can watch the visa esports betting
Profession: Game streamer
Streams are a popular format among viewers. In the first quarter of 2018, viewers watched 2.4 billion hours of broadcasts on two large streaming platforms — Twitch and YouTube Gaming. But, despite this, few of the streamers earn a living by air alone. Most often it is a hobby or a side job.
It is important to offer something new to the audience, and not chase popular airwaves. The ideas of the level "now I will just start playing Dota 2 — and I will definitely succeed" do not work, because no one needs the five hundredth channel about Dota.
"YouTube". Instead of streams, you can record videos and upload them to YouTube. For example, to make collections of funny moments from games. If the video gets a total of 4000 hours of viewing, and the channel has 1000 subscribers, YouTube will open an affiliate program. An advertisement will be shown before the video, for which the channel owner will receive a part of the profit. In addition to YouTube, companies can order advertising: viewers trust advertising more if their favorite blogger tells about the product, and not some actor.
Blog reviews. You can record your opinion about the game on camera, write articles or make podcasts and gather like-minded people. The secret of success is to quickly pass the game you are reviewing and release it before the competition. Subscribers and advertising will bring money. If the review gains popularity, developers will start contacting you with a request to tell you about their game for money.

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