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Any day you can purchase font
OP: Noviembre 10, 2021, 02:09:50 pm
Any day you can purchase font
 Being information carriers, they largely determine the perception of the text by potential buyers, representatives of the target audience.
As a means of reproducing text, the font has graphic and stylistic features. They determine its purpose, role. Different fonts can be used to print scientific and fiction literature. In advertising and web design, their choice is not limited at all.
Any day you can purchase font
Font characteristics.
There are a huge variety of fonts. All of them are united by the presence of six main characteristics:
kegel (the size that is indicated in the printing points);
graphic basis (main, connecting strokes, auxiliary lines, remote elements, intra-letter gaps);
drawing (typeface);
outline (oblique, straight letters);
saturation, color.
The latter characteristic is relevant for traditional printed fonts. Saturation allows you to highlight parts of the text without changing the font size and type. The letters can be light, bold, bold.

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